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About Me

I'm Austin.

I am currently working as a Computational Biology researcher at the University of Rochester Department of Biology in Dr. John (Jack) Werren's Lab. I am passionate about all things related to biology and technology, which has led to me learn about a wide variety of topics. In particular, I have knowledge in the realms of: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, Data Science, Evolutionary Biology, and Genetics. I feel like I have a unique perspective on topics such as education as I am (originally) a self-taught programmer and I am both a first-generation American and first-generation college graduate. I love meeting new people, so if you feel like chatting feel free to email me!


I've learned some things...

Weill Cornell

Cornell University: Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

U of R

University of Rochester: School of Arts & Sciences

  • Honor's In Research Distinction
  • Honor's Thesis Title: Evolutionary Rate Correlations: A Tool to Predict Protein-Protein Interactions.
  • Graduated with Distinction


Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Honors & Awards

I've won some things...

U of R

Grace McCormack Fund for Biology Prize

U of R

de Kiewiet Summer Research Fellowship

U of R

Dean's List

U of R

MLC Book Award

U of R

Prince Street Scholarship


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General Assembly

License #O7EUVIFI7

Professional Affiliations

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International Society for Computational Biology

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